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Bum Marketing Money Maker Magic

Bum Marketing Money Maker Magic

Bum marketing is such a great concept as you don't have to work too hard
("Suits Me Sir").....and It,s not that difficult, you can even make mistakes and still!, earn from it.

You don't have know much about internet marketing, you too can be a money maker if you
learn some simple techniques you could make more than a lot of the internet marketers currently online.

Bum marketing is one of the easiest and best ways to make money on the internet. this is because this is one of those extremely rare business opportunities where you don't need money to make money.
Once you learn some simple bum marketing techniques you could start the money rolling in on
auto-pilot month after month, even year after year in no time.

Travis sago is the name of the chap that popularised this method of marketing and gave it its name because he says that a bum off the street if given a computer and an internet connection, would be capable of earning money using this marketing method .


Basically How It Works

First find yourself an untapped, low competition hungry niche. You’re going to write articles on it so it makes sense you find the niche that is interesting to you. Look for the not so popular niches where you will have less competition.

Next you find an affiliate program on Click Bank Or Some Other Affiliate Library that has
a product that compliments the niche and pays a decent commission, join that affiliate program.
Then research keywords or keyword phrases (based on your niche and the product) that have around 1,000 to 5,000 searches in a month and not allot of competition.

Next you write your article based on those keywords or keyword phrases found using Googles ad words keywords tool. Then you submit your article to popular article directories so they get picked up by Google and the other major search engines and wallah!!! you could be on to your first money maker by being listed on the first couple of pages of the major search engines and having some traffic.

The purpose to get your article read to direct potential customers to your affiliate program,
This Method can also be used to get visitors to your own site or blog if you have one, or get
keyword optimised back links to your site (very important for search engine optimization ).

To get people to visit your affiliate sales page or site, write something like this into your bio (at the bottom of your article): The information in this article is just the tip of the iceberg, find more info at :
your www.your or etc on Article directories, no forwarding sub domains or .html etc it must be a primary address.
On the other hand if you useing your articles on your blog or website as content you can insert Your Affiliate Link!,using to make your link smaller and to hide your affiliate id
The Low Competition Hungry Niche
So where do you start to look for this low competition hungry niche?.

Type in "forums" into Google Search and browse the ones with interesting subjects, Take notes
of the real active ones you find, the more active the more likely that you have a hungry crowd and you will be surprised at the amount of info you will pick up.

Check if there are sponsored ads on the right of the search results page?, if so people are spending money on them.

Checkout Amazon are there books on the subject ?, are there magazines dedicated to it?
Google Search the subject in quotes e.g. "subject" and check out how many sites you are
competing with, go for the ones that have less than 15,000 to give yourself a chance to get on
the first pages of the search engines.


Finding The Right Keywords

What you have to realize is, that you not only have to write compelling articles?, you also must ensure these articles contain keywords that are relevant to your subject.

To find the right keywords you can use the Google Ad words Keywords Tool
Here is a Link To It...

You Have To Have A Google Email Address and password to be able to access this tool it's quick and easy to join just go to Google click on mail then create an account.

Just type the keyword or phrase into it, un-check Use synonyms tick box, type in the security letters and click "get keyword ideas"
The results will give you Keyword Phrases Containing Your Keyword and will give you this months searches for said keyword phrase and or monthly average.
Choose ones with 2000 to 7000 searches with low competition.
Other keyword tools Include wordtracker and the overture keyword selector tool Just enter their names into Google and you'll find them.

Other Bum Marketing methods

There are other ways to do bum marketing

and social web portals
like squidoo lenses, myspace, face book, bebo,etc

but that’s for other articles.....

If You Want To Know More About Writing Articles
Go Here

Thanks For Reading
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